About Laird’s Tax Service

left-side-elementsLaird’s Tax Service has proudly and continuously served American taxpayers since opening its first office in 1936 at Springfield, Ohio.

We presently provide tax services at eleven physical locations as well as offering online filing self prepared. While we offer traditional paper filed returns, we have been a leader in electronic filing of returns since the inception of the e-file program. Other services and multiple refund options are available at all of our office locations.

In addition to an experienced staff of highly qualified and trained tax preparers, we maintain a core of Enrolled Agents to provide the highest level of tax preparation and quality control.

Individuals, partnerships, corporations, LLC’s and not-for-profit organizations all find our services and value to be excellent.


Your privacy is important to us; therefore we have adopted the following privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of your privacy.

We collect nonpublic information about you from various sources, including the following:

Information we receive from our interviews with you regarding your tax situation, and from documents you provide;

Information we receive from you on applications, organizers, or by other means, such as your name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, dependents, income and other tax related data;

Information from tax-related documents you provide us that are required to process your tax return, such as Forms W-2, 1099R, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, stock transactions, etc.

We do not disclose nonpublic personal information about our clients to anyone, except as requested by them or as required by law and maintain safeguards to comply with federal regulations.