1. Hiring An Accountant For Your Small Business

    If you’re running a small business, you’ve got a lot of things on your plate as it is. Maybe the most important of which is planning out the continual growth of your company. Along with that, you have to worry about your employees, your competition, and of course, making and saving money. The ideas and problems can begin to play loudly in your head, forming a deafening cacophony that leaves li…Read More

  2. Important Questions To Ask Your Accountant

    Hiring an accountant to help you with your business, especially when it comes to taxes, can often mean the success or failure of your business. Hiring a certified personal accountant is well worth the investment. Your accountant can make you aware of potentially problematic financial missteps that you should avoid, as well as tax savings that you might not be aware of. When you decide to take the …Read More

  3. Hiring The Right Tax Professional

    When tax season comes around, there comes a decision that has to be made. Each tax season comes with the choice between hiring a tax professional or doing your taxes yourself. The average person who does their own taxes spends approximately 13 hours preparing their tax return. If you are like most of us and don’t have that kind of time, hiring a professional tax lawyer is a great option. The que…Read More

  4. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new website for Laird's Tax and Accounting! Stay tuned for our latest updates.…Read More